Review: Conviction by Nicole Edwards (7/10)


Review – I just finished Conviction by Nicole Edwards..


Samantha Kielty only thought she knew who she was and what she was made of. Until she was offered a position that would take her from her small office in San Antonio, Texas to that of her company’s larger, more upscale headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Sam hadn’t seen anything. Her new boss is not only intensely sexy, he is also about to show her things she’s only read in books.

Logan McCoy’s life was steady going until he set his sights on his new Vice President of Project Operations. The woman makes his blood boil and makes him want things he didn’t realize he was in search of. Logan only hopes Samantha is capable of handling his dominating, controlling ways… especially between the sheets… or in the shower.

When Logan and Sam get together, sparks fly and they bring out each other’s deepest, darkest desires. He will push Sam past her sexual boundaries, and she will bring out his need to possess her in every way. But, can they find love within the inferno that burns between them?


I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with how well this book was written. It puts the WANTING back into Romance books that seems to slowly be fading away. I love that Sam doesn’t just forget her convictions when Logan pushes her to try something new, but it is her trust in him that allows her to relax enough to try.

I can’t say that I cared for how the made the interoffice relationship work because to me it was a bit far fetched. And once they had that issue addressed, instantly it was ok to flaunt their relationship, which I though would be a bit odd.

All in all I have to say that the characters had a pretty good development and growth. The sex scenes were H-O-T and very very well written.. Some of them even going into 3 and 4somes, which were very very lickable.

Overall, I’d have to say this book gets a 7 out of 10 for me.



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